Seagull APRO test for sailors


Seagull’s APRO Psychometric Test was developed by the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research. It helps to check such characteristics of a sailor as information processing speed, eye, computer skills. In addition, it allows you to reflect a number of personal qualities of the subject, important for work on the ship.

Seagull APRO testing is divided into 7 steps, in each of which you need to perform a number of tasks with a condition. Tasks are aimed at assessing the following skills:

  • Level of use of the numeric keypad (Numpad).
  • Fast orientation in a large volume of tabular information and the search for the necessary variables.
  • Error-free identification of missing graphic components in images.

The test has an important feature: it does not have a clear time frame. But at the same time, tasks must be completed very quickly so that the final score is high. The test is designed to reflect the ability of the moroman to quickly and competently get out of emergency situations. You can take the Seagull APRO test online, which assesses mindfulness, logic, and speed of thinking. The results of the psychological test also evaluate creativity, reliability, ability to work, and leadership qualities of the mariner.

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