SEAGULL and JRC tests for knowledge of ECDIS


Seagull with Japan Radio Co. (JRC) has created a training and testing complex for ECDIS systems in CBT format. This training takes place online, as well as the final test. Within its framework, the seaman obtains important knowledge and skills for working with ship technical equipment. Passing the training modules takes place online in a convenient form and ends with a test for the sailor.

The use of ECDIS is effective in determining the position of a ship, avoiding shallows, updating maps, and navigating. The modern complex greatly simplifies the work of the crew of any vessel.

The basis of the training course and subsequent testing is the correct inclusion and configuration of various types of JRC ECDIS.

Among them:

  • JRC JAN-701B
  • JAN-901B
  • Jan-2000
  • JAN-901M / 701
  • JRC JAN-7201. 7201S, 9201 and 9201S

The training is also aimed at gaining skills in testing the performance of the ECDIS system, accessing the system menu. Moreman learns to check radar information and other data in the system. Finally, training helps navigate the automated interface of programs. To successfully pass the Seagull ECDIS test in CBT, you need to know the basics of running current model software.

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