Miclyn Express Offshore Test for Sailors

Jobs at Miclyn Express Offshore – what challenges await?

MEO (Miclyn Express Offshore) is a Singapore-based crewing company that is a renowned and reliable supplier of support vessels. In addition, the organization creates design solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. Its employees work in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia, in Latin America, Africa and India.

Working in the fleet with the Miclyn Express Offshore has several advantages. Firstly, it is a modern and high-tech fleet of ships. Secondly, these are very high salaries, taking into account work in the field of oil and gas. Of course, in order to get such a job, a sailor must pass the test. First of all, he must confirm his competencies. And for this, job applicants pass the MEO Group online test.

It includes knowledge questions:

  • the specifics of the operation of ship technical systems,
  • chemicals used in the oil and gas industry,
  • international fleet regulations.

The test takes place online within an hour and includes 70 questions. The test is presented in English. And without an excellent orientation in professional vocabulary, it is simply impossible to pass it well. Therefore, if you are not confident in your knowledge, entrust the passage of testing to specialists.

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