Marlins test – how to pass and what documents can I get?

Unverified Marlins test certificate

To confirm English, a sailor must pass the Marlins Test and get a certificate. MARLINS is accredited by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ISF (International Shipping Federation). Under her leadership, tests were developed for sailors for knowledge of professional English.

Companies and individuals that register themselves on the official website receive a standard certificate format. It allows you to purchase and administer tests, but it is not accepted by government agencies such as the UK MCA. Such a decision is justified by the fact that anyone can buy a test and take it at their discretion. Passing testing at work, at school or at home in this case is not controlled by the company. For this reason, the test results for the sailor may also not correspond to the real situation.

There are crewing companies for which it is enough to get a standard ISF Marlins certificate. But many employers require you to take the Marlins Test at accredited centers. This allows you to get an ISF Marlins certificate of approved design and apply for prestigious work in the navy.

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