Marlins Test Approved Certificate

Confirmed Certificate with Marlins Test Results – Differences and Benefits

Pass the Marlins Test and get a certified certificate for a sailor only in an accredited center. Marlins approved test centers are officially tested by a Marlins representative. They conduct Marlins testing with strict adherence to all conditions. In addition, a special record is kept for possible verification by the UK MCA and other government agencies.

The verified Marlins certificate has a number of distinctive features:

  • The subject’s name and rating are placed above the unique text watermark with the data of the mariner.
  • The GreenMarlins logo is only displayed in an approved certificate format.
  • In the lower right corner of the certificate there is a place for a stamp, date and signature of the test administrator
  • The line in the document, which may read “Company”, will have the inscription “Approved Testing Center”.

An approved certificate is recommended for acceptance by shipping, cruise or offshore companies. In which special agencies work for hire. This format gives the employer confidence that the test was carried out correctly and that the result is reliable. And in order to get the best Marlins test result and an accurate picture of the English level at the Moreman, the approved certificates must be accompanied by the Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE) document.

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