CES test Seagull – passing, answers to the CES Test


The Manila amendments to the STCW Codes and Conventions require marine experts to have a high level of communicative competence in the field of professional English. Seagull’s CES (Crew Evaluation System) test was created as a comprehensive tool for assessing knowledge of marine English.

This test for sailors can be taken online. It consists of preliminary and main tests. It includes two parts – reading and listening. To improve the accuracy of the assessment, various visual, audio and text options for submitting questions are used. The total number of tasks and lead time may vary depending on the requirements of the employer.

The total number of questions and time limits may vary depending on the preference of the employer. Answers to the CES Test, as well as to other tests for the fleet, cannot be found and downloaded online. The material base is regularly updated. And the test is under control to guarantee the accuracy of the results.

If a sailor wants to pass the Seagull test, he needs good preparation. Knowledge of the theory of English will not be enough. You must also have a good understanding of listening tasks and know professional vocabulary. In addition, sometimes questions in the Seagull test are ambiguous.


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