About us

We have been working efficiently and helping marine specialists since 2016.

CES URGENT – A service that helps marine experts in the design and registration of online testing.
We have a complete information base for all kinds of tests aimed at assessing the professional knowledge of sailors.
For the current period, an increasing number of companies use different types of online testing as an element of testing the competence of candidates, regardless of position.
In these tests, not only the level of the English language is checked, but also the knowledge of marine terminology, reading skills of technical documentation (manuals), international conventions and regulations.
Emergency dates, an extensive number of tests – all this often causes a lot of difficulties in understanding the logic of questions and translating narrowly defined definitions.
Testing the knowledge of candidates at the moment is an integral part of employment and the main problem of many is the lack of a professional level of English proficiency. After all, I often find in tests highly specialized questions of various nature: starting from the ability to navigate in international conventions and regulations, ending with detailed tasks, where you need to choose a specific answer that will most clearly formulate a solution to the proposed problem.

We know everything about marine testing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without breaks for lunches and holidays.

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