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For employment in the fleet, shipping and crewing companies often require various sea tests, for example: Seagull CES, ISF Marlins Test, Videotel, SETS PLUS and many others.

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Tests solution

✓ Urgent execution of your application as soon as possible
✓ We work with tests of any complexity
✓ We take into account all assessment factors to guarantee the result

Tests solution

There is no way to pass the test on time?
Trusting us, you get the desired result on the day of application.


✓ We inform about all changes and test updates
✓ Remote assistance in solving technical problems
✓ We provide assistance with an interview or interview


We have all the necessary information on organizing and assisting in the delivery of marine testing for seafarers since 2015.

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✓ We provide support when purchasing licenses. keys
✓ We assist in the design of ECDIS certificates
✓ We issue an ISF Marlins Approved certificate with a seal

The service provides comprehensive assistance in registering online courses and tests for marine specialists in a remote format.

The service provides comprehensive assistance in registering online courses and tests for marine specialists in a remote format.

Training System
Seagull CES TEST

Comprehensively preparing for testing in the shortest possible time for a specific ship specialization is an extremely difficult task, since CES testing covers the entire educational base in all aspects according to marine conventions and regulations.

We offer full-fledged training on an independent basis using the latest version test.

Knowingly what questions will be asked is impossible. But, using our training program, you significantly increase your chances of successfully passing the Seagull CES test.



weeks test

weeks test

Benefits of our training system

   180 seconds to 1 question

   Detailed Report
   based on the results

   Original version
   last sample

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Marine tests
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CES URGENT is a team of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the marine industry. Our team consists of experienced sailors, teachers of marine higher educational institutions, teachers of English for sailors.

We follow the updates of all online tests taking into account the assessment requirements and question bases.

We provide competent support in the shortest possible time for any kind of tests.

We assist in passing tests under remote control – TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc.

Take the Marlins Test or Seagull CES 6.0 test, the Transas Navi Sailor test with a guaranteed result!

How to successfully pass the Marlins Test, Seagull CES 6.0 test and other tests in the Navy?

To work on foreign vessels, it is often required to pass the Marlins Test or Seagull CES test. These tests test the general level of knowledge of English and proficiency in vocabulary. They are also needed to test listening comprehension of English. And without quality preparation, it is very difficult to complete these tasks.

There are also tests for knowledge of special equipment and programs for fleet employees. These include the Transas Navi Sailor test – a mapping system – and Furuno. These and other tests are your pass to successful work on ships abroad. To protect yourself from failure, you can’t download answers to the tests of sailors for free on websites on the Internet. The reason is that the question base is very large, and the test program is constantly updated. And only professional help will allow you to pass the Marlins Test or Seagull CES test with a guarantee of an excellent result.

Why us:

  • We have extensive experience in performing tasks for fleet employees,
  • Keep track of all requirements updates,
  • We guarantee a set of the required number of points, even under the condition of delivery under remote control.

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